Welcome to the online portal offering free content to journalists, editors and programme makers. We’ve tried to make this as simple to use as possible; so you can see what we have, decide what you want and get it with minimal hassle.

Each of the main functions is listed below but if you have any problems please contact the helpdesk [email protected] or call 020 7253 8888 and ask to speak to the media team.


A new user can browse most areas of the site but cannot access stories and their content without registering. This is because we are providing a service to journalist, editors and programme makers and not to the general public. Registration is a simple three-step process. All we need is:

  1. A few basic details about you and who you work for
  2. The types of stories you are interested in
  3. A decision on how you wish to be alerted when relevant content is posted on the site

We aim to verify any application within an hour if completed during office working hours; otherwise it will be at the start of the next working day.


When registering you will be asked how you want to be alerted when relevant content is posted on the site. You have three options:

  1. Instant email alert – if a story is posted that matches the preferences you have outlined in your registration you will receive a short alert containing a brief synopsis and a link to the story page on
  2. Weekly Planner – A weekly round up of all the forthcoming stories that match your preferences. Each one will contain a brief synopsis and a link to the story page on
  3. Or you can choose neither of the above and bookmark the site for regular visits. However if you are interested in interview opportunities or competitions in particular we recommend you request regular updates to ensure we can fulfil your needs.


Once you are registered with you can change your profile at any time by clicking on the profile icon

Seek, Select and Save

To make the process of finding your stories and accessing content as easy as possible there is a simple three-step process


You can search this site in three ways

  1. By story type – select the genre that you and your audience are interested in, i.e. Finance, Motoring, Health & Beauty etc. Each page contains a set of icons for each genre, just click on the one you want.
  2. By medium – some of our content is only available to specific media. Click on the TV, radio or online links at the top of each page to see stories targeted at your medium..
  3. By keyword search – click on the search button and it will search all content on the site regardless of genre or medium. An advanced option is available


We also offer a Forward Planning service listing all forthcoming stories, regardless of genre or medium, click on the Forward Planner icon on the right of each page


Once you have found the story you are interested in, accessing the story and any associated content couldn’t be easier. Each story will list the content - or asset – available. This may be a press release, photo, audio or video file. Each tab will tell you how many of each type of assets we have available.

Every asset is available in preview mode so that you can watch the video, read the release or hear the soundbites before choosing what content you want to take with you.


Now you know what is available it is up to you how you wish to use that content. You can click on the download button to have it sent electronically to your desktop. Or you can call the media team on 020 7253 8888 who will arrange for you to get the content you need.


Download is simple: once you are logged in the options to download files become available. Simply click on the link next to the file you want, and choose where to save it to on your local machine. Easy!

System Requirements

It is recommended that users browse this site with IE5 or above or Mozilla Firefox on Windows XP. No testing has been done for other operating systems and platforms at present and no liability is taken for any circumstances, loss or damage that occur on non-tested platforms, browsers or operating systems

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