How much does it cost?

Nothing! There is absolutely no charge to be a member of, to use the site or to access the content.

What copyright restrictions are there?

None! Content posted on this site is copyright free for your unrestricted use. Some packaged video or audio files may contain music. If so PRS details will be provided. If there are any other restrictions we will clearly flag this.

Can I edit content or rewrite the copy?

By all means. We are keen for you to cover the story but we would never try and dictate how. However if you are using spokespeople or referring to campaigns or products we ask that you mention them and who they are representing.

What technology will I need?

To use this site you will need :

  • Windows Media Player™ if you wish to play audio or video downloaded from the site
  • Microsoft Word or compatible Word Processor if you wish to download and read cue material

Why do I need to register?

The stories and content on this site are provided in their raw state for our members to then edit before broadcasting or publishing. Therefore we have to ensure the content is only seen by registered bona fide journalists, web editors and programme makers.

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How can I find out when something new is on the site?

When you register on the site, you will be asked how you wish to be alerted to new content. You have three options:

  1. Instant email alert – if a story is posted that matches the preferences you have outlined in your registration, you will receive a short alert containing a brief synopsis and a link to the story page on
  2. Weekly Planner – A weekly round up of all the forthcoming stories that match your preferences. Each one will contain a brief synopsis and a link to the story page on
  3. Or you can choose neither of the above and bookmark the site for regular visits. However if you are interested in interview opportunities or competitions in particular we recommend you request regular updates to ensure we can fulfil your needs.

What is the difference between a story and an asset?

A story is a compilation of various assets that help you, the end user, to illustrate that story in the way you choose. Assets can be video or audio files, word documents, photos, PDF files or web-ready pages. Each story page will tell you what assets are available,

Can I book an interview online?

Interviews are carried out from our central London studios and quite often are built around a tight schedule. Therefore we would prefer to discuss your preferred times, the technical details of how we need to connect to your organisation whether it be by ISDN, fibre, or a simple telephone call.

How can I receive competition prizes?

Just ask! As most competitions get oversubscribed we can’t guarantee to honour every request but we do try and operate a first come – first served basis.

However, if we do provide you with prizes, we do ask that you mention the brand behind the prize or use the key message in your verbal or visual introduction to the competition.

If you are unable to do this we may not be able to supply further competition prizes.

Please see our terms and conditions for more.

Are the audio files broadcast quality?

Yes. They are encoded as MP3 files and can be edited or broadcast uncut.

Are the video files of broadcast quality?

No. They are encoded as Windows Media files for you to preview the content. If you want us to provide you with a broadcast quality version, we can provide BetaSP copies on demand or fed via BT Tower.

Contact the media team who will make it happen for you.

Who do I talk to if I want more information on a story or if I have a problem?

Contact the media team help desk

[email protected] or call 020 7253 8888 and ask to speak to the media team.

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